Friday, February 8, 2013

Post Number VII - Doomworld mystery solved for sure this time!

I woke up this morning to find a single very interesting email in my inbox that solves the doom world mystery once and for all. It also makes my last blog entry only a fraction correct in the sense that the maps, all of them, are someone else’s work.

The email was from a young lady who informed me her elder brother found the topic on doom world, a website he checks now and again as he is a doom fan himself and checks there mostly for new wads and information on the upcoming doom 4.

To make this as short and to the point as possible, here’s the whole gaggle of sharks.

Her first name is Gabrielle. Her real last name isn’t Bélanger.

She lives in Oregon and is a few years older than 11. She did start mapping for doom at 11 and told me she would send me her first ever-horrible map if I were interested.

The real name of the original file called Demon Laden is actually Evil Laden.

She started working on it on September 26th.

She says she and her brother looked at the version Little Temple uploaded and found the following differences.

He snapped her bonus items, ammo and barrels to the grid.

He removed the berserk pack in level 1 and replaced it with a health kit.

He moved a chainsaw where a box of ammo was and put the box of ammo in the chainsaw’s original position in the level.

He removed some shadows in level 1 perhaps to make it look more amateur.

He switched a trigger in level 2 for a lift and changed which doors needed a red key along with the door textures.

He replaced her original demo files as they wouldn’t work right with the changes he made to her maps.

He took the damage effect out of some areas in level 3.

She says it looks like he removed and re-added and fixed purposely made mistakes to make it seem like work was actually being done to the levels.

He replaced her title and exit screens along with her level names to make it look more amateur. Some of the level names were slightly modified.

All the levels in the current Projekt Xero file are ones Gabrielle and her brother worked on together to try using Zdoom, same with the Dimensions levels, which are the oldest of the bunch.

She says her brother had been sharing the levels with a kid in school named Brandon. He only gave the first name. He said he had probably started sharing the levels around October or November last year, which fits Little Temples posting timelines, pretty well I think.

Gabrielle says she didn’t think people would like her levels too much and thought most people were into fancier more modern levels and that she just made them for her and her brother and his friends to play coop and death match on. But, she said since people at Doom World did like them, she’d be happy to share them.

So for the rundown.

Apparently Gabrielle’s brother is a doom fan and got her into mapping when she was 11. She’s a few years older than what little temple said. She isn’t French and the only thing French about her is her first name.

Her brother shared the levels with Brandon, as he is also a doom fan. Some of the levels were by Gabrielle alone (evil laden, I think) and others by both her and her brother.

Brandon (Little Temple) decided to change some names around and pass the levels off as his own creation or him and his group of fabricated mates.

The reason I believe this to be true is because another friend of mine (whom I do consider a friend) says he believes the perpetrator to be someone with the first name Brandon.

So there you have it Doom world! Mystery solved!

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