Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post number II (My clone?)

I talk about my clone in this weekly update!

No, you aren’t going bananas. I said clone, my clone.
Firstly, let me say I completely expected to write about something much more fun and entertaining for my second blog post but, this is somewhat of an internet emergency, if such thing exists!

To make it somewhat blunt (sadly not any less confusing) someone (and I think I know whom) has been posing as me on the internet for probably over a month now.  When I emailed my clone and asked him or her to stop, he or she insisted that “they” knew nothing and came down with a cold, so they would be offline for quite some time.
That was a while ago so, I’ll take it whoever has given up.

I should probably be flattered as I’m currently a nobody, however, it is just too creepy.

If anyone has anything to say about this, email me at abbey0237@gmail.com

So far I’ve gathered that this “incident” started on one of the many private servers for World of Warcraft and wound up on a skype account, complete with one of my previously (and I thought privately) board posted pictures to an album artwork artist.

Conclusion? Internet = scary place!

Abiageal O’Meara

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