Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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Well, this is my first blogspot post.  Early last month my dear friends and family convinced me to stop being lazy and make a YouTube account so as to post my musical tinkering.  It’s been fun and I’ve met some grand people here and there on the world wide web.  Not bad for my first real outing into the deep vast internet.

I’ve always been shy about sharing a great deal of myself online or in person to complete strangers, call me paranoid if you must.  This sharing becomes even more difficult and cumbersome when I have to use ‘words’.  What I mean by that is, I’ve always had an easier time expressing myself successfully through music.

My name is Abiageal O’Meara.  I was born in Dublin Ireland Republic all of fifteen years ago.  I am a devout Irish Catholic (if anyone has a problem, they can stop reading right here, as far as I’m concerned and I apologize for being so blunt) and on top of my religion and my love of the Holy Father, I love music.

On my eleventh birthday I was gifted a used Baby-Grand piano and I immediately fell in love and began playing.  Shortly thereafter, I learnt how to read music as well as I could, anyway.  For my thirteenth birthday, I got a Harp that sits in the corner of my room next to a little stole.  It gets plenty of musical love and attention to this day.

That same year I got my own computer, a cute little Apple Macintosh (Mac Mini) and it came with preinstalled software.  Logic Pro was one of them.  This sparked my interest in music on a whole other level.  Synthesizers.
I didn’t have a proper keyboard, so I started out using the built in digital keyboard.  On my fourteenth birthday, I got a used Roland Juno keyboard from a distant family member in America.  This allowed me to experiment fully with creating my own sounds by bending pitches, morphing and mixing different instruments.  So in a way, my musical brain really began to flow in the last year and a half.  I began recording cues and presets for my first CD early this year of which was finished this month and I began distributing them to friends.

For anyone whom may be interested, here is the information!  I am currently in the process of uploading every song to YouTube as well.

Album – Souls & Secrets
Artist – Abiageal O’Meara
Year Recorded – 2012
All tracks composed by Abiageal O’Meara except those that are noted.

1 – A Lost Place (Angel’s Tears) 1:45
2 – Breathing Decay (Dark Room) – 2:19
3 – Old Sailor’s Strings (Ship A Drift) – 2:56
4 – The Sneakers (Marching Into Battle) – 2:48
5 – A Serenade For Love (Cloudy Afternoons) – 3:04
6 – Temple of Time (Cover) “Composed by Koji Kondo” – 2:39
7 – The Irishman & The Cellist (Dance & Clap) – 2:18
8 – Legends (The Plains) – 2:28
9 – A Lonely Place (Angel’s Tears Part II) – 3:04
10 – Legends (The Plains Part II) – 3:42
11 – Where The Children Play (Morgan’s Song) – 3:16
12 – Souls & Secrets (Ode To Ireland) – 3:55

Total Play Time – 34 Minutes, 10 Seconds.

This is all just to give everyone a little bit of an outline about me =)

Abiageal O’Meara

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